It seems we’ve all seen examples of dangerous driving – speeding, use of mobiles when driving, running red lights and so on – and it also seems like the problem is getting worse. Most days we hear of near-misses between traffic and schoolchildren. We think the time to tackle this worsening problem is before a pedestrian sustains a serious injury or worse.

Our goals are simple.

  1. Gather evidence of the current challenges we face in Cowfold.
  2. Raise awareness of careless driving in the community and push it up the agenda of local police and other authorities.
  3. Secure better signage, signalling and speed measures on roads entering/leaving the village.
  4. Leave a lasting legacy of safer roads in Cowfold.

We’ve created this website to provide a central place where you can stay up-to-date with our activities and successes, as well as finding out how to get involved. We’ve also collected some other related information and resources that will hopefully be of use to you.

Please check our News page to get an up-to-date view of what we’re up to!